About Me


My name's Jess, I'm 25, and I'm an avid reader and writer from the UK.

Originally from North Yorkshire, I've lived all over the UK from South Wales to Somerset to Lancashire. Right now I live in Wales where I work in academic publishing.

I have a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing and an MA in Creative Writing, both from Lancaster University, and it's my dream to one day be a published novelist. I wrote my first short story, about unicorns and genocide, when I was ten. My tastes haven't changed much. I've had one of my short stories published in Nebula Rift, another on the Flash Fiction Magazine website and I've scripted some cutscenes for Wales Interactive's Soul Axiom.

I'm a huge lover of history (ladies like Joan, Lady of Wales, Isabella of France and Anne Boleyn fascinate me), all things Disney (even though Frozen is overrated), and unicorns. I really love unicorns. And guinea pigs. And pugs.

Feel free to say hi - I don't bite! :)


  1. Hi Jess,

    I've just nominated you for the Leibster award here...


    Natalie x

  2. Hi, just to say I've nominated you for a Liebster award (http://whenitdoes.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/liebster-award.html) - should have checked before really, to see if you'd already been nominated, but oh well. Maybe you could just do the questions bit? But up to you. :)

    - Catherine